5. You Don't Trust Him

Trust is the number one essential ingredient for a successful relationship. If you don't trust what the guy you are dating tells you, you don't trust where he has been and you just don't trust anything he does, then you shouldn't be considering packing your bags; you should be doing so while you are reading this.

He Lies


@Paloma, I think it's a matter of what *you* are comfortable with. I see these more as questions to ask ourselves than anything else. If you're content with the way things are, then consider yourself blessed regardless of what any of us say!
@Joselle, Leave darling, you won't find anything better if you cling on to him. Think of yourself , you deserve to be happy and secure in a relationship.
My ex was 9/11 of these. Literally at the end of the relationship our sex life was gone... :/
My relationship is basically 1-11, I'm so ready to move on from this.
My boyfriend keeps lying to me. 😖 like where he is going. Etc.
Confessed to my bestfriend that I've been waiting and loving him for all these solid 4 years and a half but I got ignored after I refused to sleep with him. I know I am not his top priority or getting...
I think I should move on! 🙀 I'm not his prio1, like never! And I do not trust him! �
@Paloma my ex isn't affectionate too, I broke up with him because of it because by being expressive and caring towards me can show if he can actually take care of me if we ever gonna settle down. Howe...
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