3. You Dream of Being Intimate

Intimacy is something that could be a problem with your relationship and if you are dreaming about being intimate with the person that you are constantly talking to as 'friends' – that's a problem.

You should only be fantasizing and dreaming about your partner, not about your friend that you are venting to!

More than Just Caring


Ladies, I need your advice, please. I Had An Affair With A Married Woman Briefly, I had a 3-month affair with a married woman who has a complicated life, to say the least. While it is no excuse for infidelity, she has a bipolar husband and a 3-year-old daughter. She initially told me she was going through a divorce, but was in therapy and looking to move on with her life and that of her daughter. I was skeptical, but very into this woman (and I fell in love with her little girl, too). She decided she was unable to divorce him, despite (allegedly) going through mediation and such. Finally, she told me she couldn't "pull the trigger" and divorce him; she decided to stay and wanted to be friends. While this was difficult to except--because we are in love--I tried to be her friend. Problem was, she was reverting back to her old romantic ways with me: calling me, going to the gym at the same time as me (where we first met), flirting, and then kissing me. The final indignity came when she was kissing and wanting to rekindle things with me, when she said she wants another baby with her husband and they were having sex again (mind you, she is in a sexless/loveless marriage). After playing emotional games on me--and her husband knew about me and threatened to tell me to stay away--I confessed and apologized to her husband, by returning a watch she bought me for Christmas. After that whole situation occurred, she told me to "leave her be, to find peace." I agree; however, she is back at the gym now and I regularly bump into her. Please, I need advice more than judgment. Why do you think she is back? She swore she was leaving the gym for good, and her husband didn't want her returning, but I just started seeing her again in the last 2 weeks. Is she playing mind games? Missing me? Wanting to fish for a part II of the affair? Help!
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