5. He Looks Angry around You

A lot of shy guys can sometimes look really angry when they are around their crush.

That’s why they can send you mixed signals and you might even think that they are not interested in you.

The truth is that in most cases, they are angry at themselves for not being able to make a good impression or for not having the guts to tell you how they feel about you and to ask you out on a date.

He Gets Nervous around You


i really want to know if my crush likes me but i dont want to ask him.. he told his friend he's not into anyone in our class, but in class i sit in front of him and he always kicks my chair and when i turn around he gives me a flirty smile and looks back down.. when we sat next to each other he would always put his arm right nect to my elbow and they would brush.. sometimes he ask for my hel but so does his friends the only one in their clique that doesn't ask me for help is my old best friend.. sometimes i catch my crush staring at me and he tries to play foght and do some friendly banter with me. he always cracks jokes and
kirsten thompson
well im in high school and i really like this guy who is the same age as me but in 10th grade ( im in 11th) but people found out i liked him and they told him and kept bugging him about it and so he told someone that he doesn't like me. Even though he said he doesn't like me, he is always staring at me and giving me mixed signals. what should i do??!!
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