4. Mention Great GIrls

Bring up other girls in order to see how he reacts.

If he doesn’t seem interested in anyone you discuss, it might be because he wants you.

Be careful about brining up other girls.

If he tells you that he likes someone else, you don’t want to be upset.

Of course, it’s better that you know as soon as possible.

Potential Plans


Marian Bailey
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Jessica Campos
What if I work with a guy that I'm deeply attracted to? I don't wanna make things weird at work , but it's just part-time. I get some signs that his into me and I flirt back but idk if I should make the first move. 😳
Ok so I really like this guy and he is in 5 out of my 8 classes and we talk a lot. I don\'t have his number, but at football games we shared my blanket. Also one of my close friends likes him too, she has known him longer while we just really started to talk this year. She pushed me to sit by him, but I don\'t want to take her chances with him away even though I would love to be with him. Am I wrong in feeling bad for liking him?? Also how can I make him like me more... Please help we are sophomores in high school.😊
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