2. He Leaves You Random Notes

Notes are super romantic and sweet! It's a sign that your guy spends his free time thinking about you. It's such a cute gesture when he leaves a note that you can wake up to! Even if it's a simple sentence, it's an intimate touch!

You Have the Same Sense of Humor


@Franki Minaj
Hey☺️ I'm 15 and I well like a guy ( go figure ) but He flirts with every girl but me? Whenever he talks to me, he barely looks at me? and he is quiet around me? And he barely ever talks to me act...
Franki Minaj
Stephanie Eklund
He's a keeper because he waits for you to shop !? Please tell me that you don't honestly think that's important.
I think it's the listening rather than hearing. Yes family is important but sometimes families just don't like you for the most obscene reasons, even if you've done nothing wrong. However listening ...
Lillian Blue
Or when his mother doesn't like you 😖
I think families getting a lot is definitely the most important because you're family wants the best for you and if they don't like him then there's something wrong.
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