3. Stomach Pain

You know those knots you get in your stomach when you're worried? The more stressed you are, the more you stomach seems to knot up. Eventually, you end up with stomach pain. The anxiety you feel in a bad relationship could leave you with an aching mid-section. It's not until you've had a chance to relax for several days that the pain starts to subside. If you notice pains appear when your partner is around only to disappear when they leave, blame the relationship.



Great article. Toxic relationships can take a toll on the body, whether they be work, partner or family relationships. I'm now very careful about who I allow into my life and what I will tolerate, and it has made a world of difference in my health.
These DEFINTELY aren't true I have almost all of them and I'm in a very happy relationship, these are more likely symptoms of stress in general
Wafa Abboud
All of the 7 signs, I had and all gone when I finished with the toxic relationship
A lot of these can be stress from work, school, or all kinds of things. I wouldn't pin everything on a relationship.
Aicha Yamani
Period fluctuations! My period was always 2-3 weeks late during my last toxic relationship! Now im dating a new amazing guy and it literally comes on time!
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