11. You're a Bit Flighty, Which Can Be Frustrating

You're a Bit Flighty, Which Can Be Frustrating

You're so hard to pin down! It's difficult for you to stick to one decision sometimes.

You Need a Lot of Stimulation All of the Time


Kristen McKendry
I should add that I have Bipolar Disorder on top of being a Gemini! So all those negative things we do, well double them! It's bad. Any other Gemini's here that have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?
Kristen McKendry
For the most part this was very accurate! However, I do not take relationships too casually. If anything I'm the opposite. Also I hate change! I need to have a set routine or I get flustered. I'm not independent anymore.
Yup. All true!
Nadia S
Omg you hit home!!
Omg total pin point!!
Angela Williams
OMG 😱this is sooo actually it scary because I'm a Gemini woman June 2nd and reading this was sooo on point thanks for posting this on all women talk app truly appreciate it πŸ˜‰
Yep. Most of its me. Not all of it but most of it.
Not me at all. A couple were spot on - when I was younger. Only thing that rings true is the boredom part...
April Vanessa Martinez
Dead on.
This is so true and I even get confused with myself when I'm in a relationship too.
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