3. Back of the Neck

Back of the Neck

One of the top things men love about our bodies was the back of the neck! They love to nuzzle there, love to kiss there and absolutely love to press against there. It is a sexy and unique feature.



my bf says he loves every inch of me and can't get enough. It makes me feel so good to know that I turn him on so completely. I make sure to fully satisfy every desire he has every day, it only makes him love my body more.
i love a guys smile:) whos with me!!
I love when men have big hands, it fascinates me how they use them to make things
Terribly missed the point, this justifies why all women are trying to get skinny(read bitchy in man's language). Curves are what it appeals first and most. Also seriously agree with @Honour silvermoon for legs and clean soft feet without cracks.
I think they like soft legs, back of the neck, and a lot of hair.
I think they like soft legs
What if ur legs are scratched up cuz ur a woodsy girl that loves her scars?
Guys always compliment me on my lips, I think that should be on this list. And for me, I love hands. Its one of the first things I look at.
I am a girl, and let me tell you, it seems like my man wrote this list. I like clean feet, big hands, and wide shoulders in a guy. Also, a clean, trimmed beard. Facial hair isn't bad, but most girls d...
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