10. Support

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We all need a good support network and men are no different.

When your guy says he's going to try completing a triathlon or try to get promoted at work, support his efforts.

Let him know that you're behind him all the way and no matter how far fetched the goal might seem to you, if it's important to your guy, he wants it to be important to you, too.



The heart
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Its not only man its human nature we all want those qualities in our partner even girls.
I think the best way to approach it is by telling him how you feel, so both of you work it out and find common ground :)
Egypt Morgan
I just didn't want to interrupt your reading if you weren't asking me, that's all.πŸ™‚
Egypt Morgan
Are you asking me?
I think he wants me to just trust him and loosen up around him. I really wish I could appreciate him and respect him and show him that I care but for some reason I find it so hard to do that... Any advice?
Egypt Morgan
I cannot imagine, nor do I want to, a life away from You Father! We also ask for strength to handle the things we thought we wanted and now we need strength to please give us the things of Your will, not our own! Thank you Father God for every single thing
Egypt Morgan
Oh Lord, we just ask us to forgive us for our sins and recognize that we all fall down on the job sometimes. We recognize our own weakness and ask you to prepare our hearts, our own weakness so realize that apart from You we can do nothing.
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