3. Companionship


Men like the companionship of the woman they care about.

He may want you to come along when he golfs a Saturday morning game or just join him on the couch when he watches his favorite television show.2

The point is, he likes having you around and that is a really great thing.

Sure, he needs his guy time but he likes spending time with you, too.

So take advantage of that fact and find some ways you can spend more time with him.

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Carrie Waters
I think UNCONDITIONAL love is something they want too, but won't necessarily ask for it
Sarah Adams
Men love a deep throat
Sarah Adams
Men secretly want a girl that Doesn't talk to much and can cook, having a deep throat sadly may be the only way to keep a man these days things don't change ladies
This is great!! Something as a women we need reminder.. I believe us women are the same way!!
Lmao isn't that what everyone wants?!!
need to know ow much you love
Husnul, I understand where you are coming from. I used to be the same way. The first thing when trying to confront and change this situation is by not worrying about him, but try and figure out yourself. I saw that you are jealous, but it is probably because you have little self confidence. You must gain that self confidence. Work out, do something different with your hair or do something that makes you feel better. I seen your picture and you look very pretty, you must embrace that beauty though and you will start feeling more confident. Just learn to become happier about things in life and try to become more positive. If your happy, he will be happy. If your sad I think he would tend to be sad also. Be yourself, the positive you that you know you are. I hope this advice helps Husnul :)
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