3. Companionship

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Men like 😍 the companionship of the woman πŸ‘© they care about.

He may want you to come along when he golfs a Saturday morning game πŸ€ or just join 🈴 him on πŸ”˜ the couch when he watches his favorite television πŸ“‘ show.

The point πŸ“ is, he likes having you around and that is a really great πŸ‘ thing.

Sure, he needs his guy πŸ‘¨ time πŸ•‘ but he likes spending time πŸ•‘ with you, too.

So take 🎬 advantage of that fact and find some ways you can spend πŸ’· more time πŸ•– with him.

Arm πŸ’ͺ Candy