14. Go Easy with the Emojis


I get it...

emojis are SO much fun to use.

I mean, they express just about everything!

However, you don't need to use them in every single text and you definitely don't need more than one in a single message.

He wants to read your words not just a field of happy faces!2

Forget the 3-day Rule


This helped me a lot I just started talking to this guy. But I really don't know what to say I mean he persued me first tho
Haha aunt flow..good one
Claire Ruiz Hartell
Claire Ruiz Hartell
Woooooh! This really help! :)
I've done all of this with the guy I really like so I guest I'm screwed, I wish I could turn the table and get my mojo back and do it right and keep the ball in my court
I like #3 make it sexy i'm going to use this :)
Lol#3 totally true about mot guys!!😆
Denise Cristobal
That's a relief, Elanra. That would have been creepy and pedophilic. :P
I don't think I've ever said to a baby "hey sexy"....
Never lie... It's not cool and no guy wants someone that is going to lie to them
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