14. Go Easy with the Emojis


I get it...

emojis are SO much fun to use.

I mean, they express just about everything!

However, you don't need to use them in every single text and you definitely don't need more than one in a single message.

He wants to read your words not just a field of happy faces!2

Forget the 3-day Rule


Cordelia Mashiah
Yes thz is sme pretty cool stuff:)β™₯β™‘
Hmm, this also sounds like your not going to be with a man who can handle a serious adult relationship. If he can't handle hearing about your period, something totally natural and something you can't help, then he shouldn't be in a relationship with a woman. And the part where men only think about "sex, food, and sports"...if I were a man I'd be a little offended that my gender was being generalized as something so primal and unthinking. It'd be like saying women only think about "shoes, makeup, and boys." Mehh, not my favorite article.
Crystal D
Oops! Boyfriend
Crystal D
I def will keep these tricks up my sleeve when I text my buy friend
I agree with the sex appeal part but playing too hard to get can keep a great guy wondering and feeling insecure. You want the guy to feel comfortable and secure with his choice (you)
amanda alexis
#6 was the best advice! :)
Monique Ramat Tomines
Really needed this :) ..
Trace Dawn
I say be urself and the ones who text you back are the only ones worth talking to anyway! Sheesh ppl!!! Get a clue!
Heather Jensen
That is great advice Harlea!! :) Thank you for that!
You are awesome.. thanks
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