22. Avoid Taking Things Literally


Texts and emails are so convenient and fun but, they can also be easily misconstrued. If you receive a text from him that seems a little off, try not to take it personally. He could be kidding around and it didn't translate well through text message or maybe it just came out wrong. Give him the benefit of the doubt and save the serious conversations for face-to-face interactions.

Give Yourself Time to Cool off


Sydney b
@Elanra I was thinking the same thing!!
This helped me a lot I just started talking to this guy. But I really don't know what to say I mean he persued me first tho
Haha aunt flow..good one
Claire Ruiz Hartell
Claire Ruiz Hartell
Woooooh! This really help! :)
I've done all of this with the guy I really like so I guest I'm screwed, I wish I could turn the table and get my mojo back and do it right and keep the ball in my court
I like #3 make it sexy i'm going to use this :)
Lol#3 totally true about mot guys!!😆
Denise Cristobal
That's a relief, Elanra. That would have been creepy and pedophilic. :P
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