4. Make Him Food

Make Him Food

No, it's not your job to make him sandwiches. However, if he had a long day, you shouldn't mind making him dinner, just like he shouldn't mind making you dinner.

Support Him


Sarah J
@Susieboo You need to bring that up to him. That's a red flag. He should be proud of you. Unless he doesn't post anything else of social media. Maybe he's just done with public stuff
Help. What if you been with someone for 5 months and they haven't posted one thing on social media about you but you have tons. Yet they have pics of an ex from 7 months ago?
Make him happy????? Weird article..
peony blue
Dont buy gifts for a guy until u are like years into the relationship let him the work for a while
It will all come baturally if u love a guy
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