2. Why You Two Broke up

Why You Two Broke up

Make sure your man knows why your old relationships ended. That way, he won't make the same mistakes as your exes did.

Why You Dated Him in the First Place


Isabella Coles
@Sal totally with you - "we should move on and cherish the current moment" :) life's too short to dwell on what happened!
Yeah i agree with Cierra, all those details arent needed. Unless he askss, but i don't see why a current bf would care to kno any further than the simple questions of who was he, how long it lasted &why; it didnt work. Just my opinion though...
Yeah.. No.. I give dating advice to everyone I know, and the one thing I tell them more than anything, whether they're men or women, is that if their partner keeps bringing up their ex then the relationship isn't in a good place. And I've been right every time.
Frankly I don't see any need to talk about the past to your new boyfriend now. We should move on and cherish the current moment
This post is super lame.👎🏼 sorry... How awkward to talk about your ex with you current bf. Theres a reason why it's called "EX"
Yeah ... No ... Not at all ...
You probably just shouldn't talk about your ex
Kira Hanna Keppel
Literally none of these are his business
Just tell him why you all broke up, whether or not you all are still communicating, if he gave you an std of course and how long you were together! Thats it. No man wants to know every single detail. Def dont mention sex.
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