6. Tease Him

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This is the hottest tip for a make out session!2

Teasing is my favorite part of kissing because it makes me feel powerful as a woman, and I love watching him get turned on.

When making out with a guy the number one thing I do is bite his lip.

A light bite and pull on his lower lip makes most men go crazy.

Don't be afraid if you have never done it, you won't hurt him as long as you aren't chomping down.

Another move is to lean into him and just as you're about to kiss him pull away and make him reach for you.

Let him know that he can't just kiss you when he wants to, he has to work for it!

Besides the lips, the tongue is a major teaser as well.

Sometimes it's nice to just play with each other's tongues and connect.

Use that when you are pulling away from him too.

This foreplay move will get you both hot for each other.



Heather Jensen
That's awesome! I'm so glad that you picked up some new ones too!
I'm surprised at how many of these tricks I already knew without knowing they were "turn on" tricks! No wonder the session always went well hehe... but some of the ones I didn't know will make it even better! Thanks!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome!!
Barons Qawi
all of this things i usely do to me husband hahaha it makes him so high hahaha gotta love it
Heather Jensen
Anytime!! :)
OMG I'm trying this with my boyfriend his birthday is on the 30th of november thanks heather <3
Heather Jensen
That's awesome Chan! Let us know how it goes!
going to try thease tips tomorrow when i visit the guy im dating tomorrow since no classes till three i love college yahoo
@Emily Myers, the repetition of seeing someone is really important to keep our subconscious mind interested in the person. One tip I give to you, is: you and your boyfriend shoul not keep only talking on the phone and on chat, you also MUST always talk via webcam. Because of the repetition, extremely important.
Heather Jensen
Thanks Emily for the feedback! :)
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