29. Make Sure You're Touchably Soft

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Since we're on the subject of skin, another great tip is to keep yourself silky smooth so he longs to touch you. Exfoliate and slather on a perfumed lotion of his favorite scent to make a lasting impression. He won't be able to keep his hands off of you and he'll associate that fragrance with you.

Be Appreciative


I don't think you should make him jealous because if he likes you he might back off when he sees that it LOOKS like you like someone else
girls plz help :'( it's been 10 days now not meeting my boyfriend everytime we agree to meet, something comes up and we don't go out though i wait and get ready but at the last moment he gives me call...
I do all of that but instead of having the guy be my boyfriend he s my best friend/ constant flirtation help anyone?
no stop playing hard to get! if you have to play hard to get to a giy he'a not worth the trouble.a real man will treat his girl like a queen and gives her all the attention she needs!
I couldn't have said it better myself... totally agree👌👍👏
Loved it!!
Ajee A
makes sense.
Anne Marie
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