29. Make Sure You're Touchably Soft

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Since we're on the subject of skin, another great tip is to keep yourself silky smooth so he longs to touch you.

Exfoliate and slather on a perfumed lotion of his favorite scent to make a lasting impression.

He won't be able to keep his hands off of you and he'll associate that fragrance with you.

Be Appreciative


Gosh this is all so true
Jackie Lyn Alura Orale
Love it
O my god, I think you asking me to be someone else, only an angel can do that, and only for God ,not a dude
Being feminine , humble and generous makes any man fall for you.
Ashley Robles
@Cece true
Great facts and fun article
@olivia_jones_99 😂😂😂
Step 1: Put your boobs in his face like the cover picture shows
I have never***
I feel like I have met anyone that deserves this set of rules, the one man I did his best friend filled my head with nonsense and I was completely influenced to act like the girl he didn't want, she totally played me when all I wanted was him.
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