29. Make Sure You're Touchably Soft

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Since we're on the subject of skin, another great tip is to keep yourself silky smooth so he longs to touch you.

Exfoliate and slather on a perfumed lotion of his favorite scent to make a lasting impression.

He won't be able to keep his hands off of you and he'll associate that fragrance with you.2

Be Appreciative


Sunny Kumar
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Was this article written just to sell me 30 different products? I mean, that was ridiculous.
is anybody know how to remove sex hacks ?? help me plz
Ravi Kumar
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I love this
I just want the headphones tbh
hey,I'm also quite shy,especially around guys my age.I thought it would eventually change,but I'm still scared to talk to some of them.And there's this cute guy in my gym that I see with his friends,and he also looks at me,but how do i ever approach him?:)
@Adelarcher1992 he sounds like a fûckboi. Trust me my friend is going through the same thing. He acts like they're dating when they're together but when I was dating his best friend he told me that guy had zero intention of actually dating her.
@ Tina never say ur not good enough for someone. You both are equal human beings and I think you should give it a shot
Love it
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