4. Always Call and Say Goodnight and Good Morning

My husband always called to tell me goodnight when he was on nights.

Being home with two young children, I really looked forward to that phone call.

Not only did I get adult conversation but I got some precious moments of his time.

He usually called me on the way home in the morning too.

Those phone calls made all of the time apart easier.2

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These are wonderful, definitely all true. At the moment I'm still going to school plus I have a job, while my boyfriend is in a completely different state in Army training, so it makes it hard for contact when he's on field training and we can't text or call at all, or while he's busy through the day and also the fact the Army is strict on when they can and can't leave and how far they can travel away on a weekend if they wish too.
Going through same thing right now with my bf sometimes finding time for each other can be impossible but u just have to find time esp if its worth it
Inri Rawis
Thank you for that tips, that it true
This is all so true. I go to school during the day and also have job which scheduales me whenever they want, while my boyfriend works graveyard shift every night. What works for us is that we spend any free time we have together. Making time for your significant other is a MUST.
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