4. Blaming Relationship

Ah, the blaming relationship. This is where you or your partner is constantly at fault for something and you are constantly blaming each other. This relationship is toxic because there isn't a lot of trust, there isn't a lot of anything but blame in it. Who would want to be in this type of relationship?

Demanding Relationship


Heather Jensen
Exactly! These types of relationships are way too hard to be in! :)
Nichole Boone
What abt all of the above relationship?
Truly true
Oh, Heather, you are always so right on!! I've been a relationship (actually a marriage) that had a few of those in it. It was hell! We are still recovering. You must remember that you are a priceles...
Kia Lynn
Being in a demanding relationship is super hard and takes awhile to realize your in one..😒
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