7. Extreme Insecurity Relationship

Is your relationship a constant reassuring gesture? Does your partner constantly feel like they aren't good enough for you? While you might not think that this is a toxic relationship, it can wear on you after a while, constantly having to reassure him or her that you are perfect just the way you are.

Competitive/Manipulative Relationship


I didn't even realize I was in a toxic relationship until afterwards 😔
Katie Meredith
I was in the Controlling/Jealous for a year and 3 months I couldn't even spend time with my own family... about every time we were together he made me cry. Ugh glad I'm out of that!
Quinn Vo
I think I'm in the insecure relationship :(
This is very true. Great article
It sucks because half of these you don't even realize you were in/ were dis functional... Especially manipulative
Heather Jensen
Oh man! That is horrible! You've got to have a life of your own too.
Heather Jensen
Aww! It'll take time, but so worth it! :)
You're right, I've experienced those from just one man and it feels awful! Now I'm in the process of healing I just wish I will be over him soon..
Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
I have been with Controlling/Jealous Relationship before. At first, I thought it's normal because my partner probably wants to spend time with me. Then months past by, he gets mad whenever I ask permi...
Heather Jensen
Yes, it absolutely does!
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