10. Watch Porn

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You are probably wondering why this is on there huh? A lot of guys watch porn, a lot of guys like porn and while you do not always have to act like a porn star, you should at least know what your man is watching, so maybe you can pull some of the moves on him! So raid his porn stash or even ask him to watch porn with you, that can be erotic all together!

Tell Him What You Want


Heather Jensen
Hey Kevin! Thanks so much for the tip!! It's great when we get guys to comment. :)
@Kevin, Agreed! #2 would just make me frustrated
#2 could not be more wrong. Everything else is great, but kissing and licking my body just makes us wonder why you aren't kissing or licking downstairs where it actually counts. Girls love it, but never met a guy who does.
Being a guy... I can't stress #7 enough! Our porn that we've mindfucked so many times, splattering load after endless load, has now become a reality!
That sounds like so much fun -- and delicious!
Suzie Carmykle
What I did with mine was warm up some chocolate syrup, and take turns drizzling it onto each other and licking it up. It was really enlightening!
@Brittany, That sounds yummy!! I'm so glad that you got a little adventurous behind closed doors -- a lot of people don't! It keeps things interesting. :)
Haha Brittany, I know what you mean but sometimes a little laughter in bed makes the sex even better, doesn't it? :D Thanks for stopping by!
I've used the whipcream one on a guy I was really into once upon a time, I'd actually remembered it was in the fridge, but I put some on him and licked it off, and ended up looking so goofy, but we had a good time with it.
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