10. Watch Porn

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You are probably wondering why this is on there huh?

A lot of guys watch porn, a lot of guys like porn and while you do not always have to act like a porn star, you should at least know what your man is watching, so maybe you can pull some of the moves on him!

So raid his porn stash or even ask him to watch porn with you, that can be erotic all together!

Tell Him What You Want


Stacey Hando
@Arianna, lol I thought I was the only one lol but I'm stuck in this one for the last 5 yrs its sucks lol or I geuss lack of suck lol
Stacey Hando
@Jimboob, omg very nice wish all men had the same thought prosses
Stacey Hando
So just a general comment for all guys that don't like giving face. In order to have a fulfilled sex life and a confident woman alittle for your girl goes a long way. I think a persons self esteem goes down when refused a sexual favor. Always wondering y then makes any sexual encounter hard to do and hard to express yourself its amazing my relationship has lasted 5yrs this way but I am considering alternatives I'm reaching out for opinions on this topic
Stacey Hando
@Ken, well some of us love doing it but I'm selfish I want a little in return
Last comment from Shayne was actually Stacey wooops
Shane Constantine
I used to be so sexual such a high sex drive I tought I was weird and now 33 and I lost every bit of it can't even do it to myself its very frustrating:(
@Jack, I love being rimmed but haven't managed anal even with lube as my man is well endowed. We do however have anal beads to play with which we both enjoy. I can drive him crazy playing with his ass but his cock gets so huge, I know how turned on he is and I would love to take him up my butt, sadly a physical impossibility, its not for the want of trying. I used to manage with a smaller ex and use a vibrator and him, the feeling of double penetration is mind blowing.
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