15. Get a Little Rough

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A lot of guys like when things get a little rough in bed, but they don't want to ask for it.

Men likely feel like women are too shy, when really they're the shy ones for not asking!

Start out slow with a scratch here and there and see how he reacts.

If he likes this then why not take things a little further?

He'll most likely love it!

A lot of women want to be able to up their sex life with their partner, feel more confident in being a single woman, or just get some known facts out of a guy's mind.

Whatever your decision is, step out of your comfort zone and try a few of these unexpected moves in bed men love.2

What other experiences have you had that made your man go wild?


Myriam Edmundson
@David, why do you keep saying "we" like all guys like and want the same thing? I don't think all guys want the same thing, I've been with a few and they've all been very different. Like women. That's the problem, everyone wants to find that perfect thing that every guy want or vice versa, but the truth is no guy or girl is the same, we all want differents things and it's just a matter of being open and getting to know someone personally. And I don't think a woman should strive to be exactly a guy wants, especially not "perfect in public and a pornstar in the bedroom". That's a bit pushy! A guy should accept you as you are, and you shouldn't do things you're not comfortable with or that you don't actually want.
I'd add to let your fingers and tongue do the walking. I only recently discovered the thrill of ass-tongue play, but now every time I go down on her, I sort of hint in that direction. If she wants it, she then tilts herself upward, and I GO for it. Hard just thinking about it. She does the same with her fingers on me. No tongue yet, but maybe one day.
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