15. Get a Little Rough

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A lot of guys like when things get a little rough in bed, but they don't want to ask for it. Men likely feel like women are too shy, when really they're the shy ones for not asking! Start out slow with a scratch here and there and see how he reacts. If he likes this then why not take things a little further? He'll most likely love it!

A lot of women want to be able to up their sex life with their partner, feel more confident in being a single woman, or just get some known facts out of a guy's mind. Whatever your decision is, step out of your comfort zone and try a few of these unexpected moves in bed men love. What other experiences have you had that made your man go wild?


Heather Jensen
Hi! I think that you can do a lot better. I think that you definitely should move on from him and see if you can find someone that is not married.
I have been living with a married for one year. He didn't not tell me about his marriage until eight months later. Now, I have no job and I have a 10 years old boy living with us.it really bother me, ...
Richelle Buckthorne
#8. I would like to add that communication in the bedroom is vital to a beautiful, satisfying, healthy sexual relationship. Women/Men- if it hurts or cramps, or pulls, or stings (not including the kin...
Wow..Question ladies??... I have went downstairs and woke my wife up when shes sleeping. Would that be annoying to you?
I absolutely love my guy and he loves me... but when it comes to sex he is not emoitionally engaged bc he has a lite case of Asperger's. He is also OCD grossed out by saliva. So french kissing, lickin...
#2 is definately not a turn on.
I wish I could find a woman that would let me and another man have sex while she watched. And then join in after a while later
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