4. Write a Letter

This is another very useful thing you could do if you realize that you’ve grieved for long enough and that now it’s the perfect time to make some changes in your life. Write a letter to your ex-partner, where you’ll detail all your feelings, what you wish them to know but never had the chance to actually tell them and when you feel like you’ve written all you had to say, simply burn it or shred it and let go of those words. This is a very good way to find closure emotionally.

The Empty Chair


Wow crazy I actually did all of this already and it did help me so much with my ex partner... Pretty good ;)
I'd say going out with your girlfriends a lot it will help you not to over think about the break up its effective because that's what I've been doing since I just recently had a break up a few weeks ago. :)
Met new people. Replace the old relationship with a new one.
I was married for over 25 years. Most of it was horrible. Emotional mental and a couple times of physical abuse. He left after he found out there was another person involved with me on my part. I know...
Painful break ups take time to heal...been thru a few myself...just go with the flow of your feelings! And in time you'll be stronger n happier for sure! You gotta heal first before u consider dating ...
Sometimes, you have to forgive yourself too.
Abeer Diab
I had a really hard breakup almost month ago n i was smart enough n i did most of the things mentioned above ! I wrote a letter , i\'ve forgiven him although he was the responsible for our breakup , i...
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