2. Dirty Fighting

Is there constant name calling? Constant insults? Is the past constantly being thrown up? That's all dirty fighting and it isn't something that should ever be in a relationship. If you are with someone and you love them, you need to discuss things, not scream at each other and be ugly to each other.



Laura Bender
I was in one of these for 5 years, so glad I was able to stay strong and get out.
I'm in one now
My last relationship and my "first love" was a toxic relationship. I was in it for four years and finally got the courage to end it about a year ago. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and I ...
I just told my faience to pack his bags and leave two days ago it was a toxic relationship and I feel like it was the right thing to do for me
This article describes my last relationship! Im so glad I am out if it now. Id like to add another ting to the list. If the person you're with seems to bring out the worst in you and you find yoursel...
Melessa Smith
Yes I was in a toxic relationship and I finally crack said I couldn't take it anymore and I ended it. It was the right movie that individual can change😊
Aisling Ying
That's like me n my ex yeh it's so true~
These are pretty true. But also quite obvious. I think it's the subtle things which lead to toxicity that are the most damaging....
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