2. Dirty Fighting

Is there constant name calling?

Constant insults?

Is the past constantly being thrown up?

That's all dirty fighting and it isn't something that should ever be in a relationship.2

If you are with someone and you love them, you need to discuss things, not scream at each other and be ugly to each other.



Mercedes Basutto
I don't remember being involved in this toxic relationships. If we have such demand of emotional world, we all need time to realize the best way to explore emotions, and that doesn't mean understading our partner fucked up insecurities and unrealization in life that can hurt us. or standing by until the good moment comes. just learn to be happy with yourself.. it is achievable.
Mercedes Basutto
@Sylmar , well said Sylmar. not that life should be easy. but harmony between people should be the first thing to look after, then if things get bad, is something to go through.. not the other way around. we should not live in hard moments seeking for peace.. just managed to get through a person in my life that always brought me in sorrow ...
I know and have known for quite a while that my two year relationship is toxic. I love his sweet side and our good times, but my guy has serious anger issues. He yells at me at least once a week. What I don't understand honestly, is why do I stay when I know this kind of relationship is very unhealthy for me.
Heather Jensen
Hi Jule! It is completely normal to feel that way. I'm glad that you commented! Truthfully, my mom is going through something similar and you know what she did? She went out and is now in school to become a doctor and she's 58! She has a completely new look on life and her and my father get along a lot better. Have you tried to talk to your husband at all? Tried to take up any hobbies with him at all?
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