6. He Never Buys You Anything


Do you constantly buy him things, but he's never, ever gotten you something back?

Does he ever buy you anything?

That's a sign ladies.

After all, shouldn't your boyfriend buy you some things sometimes?

He Doesn't Need You for Anything but Things That He Needs


Fai P Wong
Fai P Wong
I would never go a second date with a guy who not pay for first date! :-/
Leeann Bass Riley
Yes and he just dumped me with a lot of made up excuses
Totally went through this and just let it happen. Wish I wasn't so stupid.
Heather Jensen
Hi! I would definitely say that it is not you, it is him. He did use you it sounds like and I'm so sorry that he did. I'd cut off some communication with him hun and really find someone that is worth it. :(
hi everyone i have a question, open to any answers.. i dated this guy back in middle school from what i thought we were madly in love with eachother. 4 years go by i gained a bit of weight and we found eachother on facebook we always tells me to go over his house, at first i would refuse then i went one time and we had sex and it felt like we really connected after that i kept texting him and he always says " he is busy " and everytime i asked him how he feels about me now, he always avoids it or says he is confused? am i just just his bootycall or might he just really be confused about us or maybe my weight gain is affecting him? i did gain a bit of weight.. its hard i dont know what to think anymore please any advice?
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