4. Fighting Everyday

Another sign of an unhealthy relationship that a lot of people overlook is constant fighting.

Now, every relationship has its bumps, especially if you two are living together, but if you're always fighting with him over the smallest things and you are frequently being picked at by him, that might not be a good relationship to be in.

Remember, the good times should outweigh the bad times, not the other way around.

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Peyton Young
I love when I am with him he makes me feel happy
I always feel happy whenever he's around @Heather Jensen,
Heather Jensen
Hi Sarah! I think you really need to think about how this relationship is affecting you. Are you happy most of the time with him? Do you feel like he makes you happy? Those are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.
Heather Jensen
Hi Melody! To be honest, if you can't trust your partner, why are you with him? That isn't going to be a healthy relationship. :(
And whenever I ask him if he wants to break up or leave me and take a break. He refuses and says that he loves me so much.
@Heather, we've been together for two years now, he made me meet all his family. And he told them iam his fiancee and every single person in his family knows we're getting married. He was super awesome but all of. A sudden he has become so much not into anything. He's stressed out most of the time. And not that caring like before. Whenever I talk to him about it. He swears he loves me but he's just stressed like hell.and iam doing everything I can to make him happy,even his own mom told that iam being so stupid for how I don't get anything in return.How can I make him miss me back and get him back like before.!
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