5. Social Isolation

When you isolate yourself completely from your family and also from your friends, that can be another sign of that your relationship isn’t healthy.

You need your family and your friends to survive.

You need other opinions in your life besides your partner's.

So if you find that he expects you to just spend time with him, all of the time, that is a sign to be careful.

Always Blaming


@Story, I have that same situation in my relationship. He wants me to talk in-front of him and wants to know everything.
Feer Rodriguez
another thing he does about 11 out of these 15 things
Feer Rodriguez
My story is kind of long but here it goes, I cheated on my boyfriend about a year and a half ago. The thing is I was drunk, really drunk. I know that is not an excuse but I know that if I would have been sober I would have never done that. The amount of guilt and pain that I feel is unexplainable. I dropped out of college so I wouldnt have to see the guy I cheated on him with. We are still togeather and have a baby she is 4 months old. I have lost all sorts of communcation with my friends. I am not allowed to go out with my friends. Not even for a visit or anything. He goes out with his friends and he drinks. He is very jealous and posesive. Idk wht to do. I am truly sorry and try and do everything I can so that he will trust me again, but nothing seems to work. Should we seek for help or just go our seperate ways?
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