5. Social Isolation

When you isolate yourself completely from your family and also from your friends, that can be another sign of that your relationship isn’t healthy. You need your family and your friends to survive. You need other opinions in your life besides your partner's. So if you find that he expects you to just spend time with him, all of the time, that is a sign to be careful.

Always Blaming


Wanda Truitt
I'm single now cause all 15 of those signs were my relationship. You can't work it out by your self. Or with some onwho does not see the part they play in the relationship in order to takecownership of the hurt that was caused.
i been dating my boyfriend about 9 months almost 10 and we been fighting everyday pretty much since this past 2 months and i hate it makes me feel really sad and upset and sometimes its about small th...
i am in a situation in which i can not get out.my ex hooked me up with his friend and i only found out after he broke up with me.i was really hurt and i wanted revenge so i started seeing his friends ...
@Ruthe Thomas, i have been in the same situation before and it didnt turn out well for me when i gave the new guy a chance,,,my advice is that if u really love your man give it a try ,sit him down talk about it.if it doesnt work leave him
@Ruthe Thomas, I can't tell you what to do but I have to wonder what kind of future he thinks the two of you are going to have if he's not willing to meet you halfway in terms of improving things. I c...
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