2. Look the Part

No matter how verbally charming you are, you won't get anywhere with a guy if your body language and looks aren't doing their part.

You need to have good hygiene, dress your best, and look like you're happy to be around him.

That means you should avoid crossing your arms and habitually checking your phone.

You should look as interested in him as you sound.

Know How to Respond


@Sally I had and actually still kind of have the same problem as you... The best thing I've learned is to know that you are good enough and that even if he doesn't see it doesn't matter. Coming from someone who is not only self conscious, shy, and unconfident; taking to a guy and feeling like you actually have a chance with him can be very hard. The best advice I've ever gotten is to just practice as weird as that sounds :) the more you talk to them the easier it gets... I could talk to one of my guy friends with no problem because I didn't like him, but as soon as I realized I actually did I could barely look at him and I had no confidence, but I just kept telling myself that if I really liked him (which I really do) that I had to talk to him and that even if he didn't like me back in that way, it would be okay. So just remember that you are a great, beautiful person, and you do deserve it. Even if you don't feel it inside keep your head up and smile and no one will be able to tell the difference! Hope this helped :)))))
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