2. Get Away

There is nothing quite like a boost for the soul than a change of scenery with a good bunch of friends. Head out into the country, go down to the seaside and get out of your normal surroundings, switch your phone off, let the sand sink between your toes and the ice melt in your wine and laugh until your sides hurt. There is possibly no better way to get back to being yourself after a bad break up than to spend time with good friends who affirm you when you can’t do it yourself.

Get to Acceptance


Julie Ann
Omg it\'s Doctor Who!!!
I say GO SHOPPING!!!! Splurge yourself with things that will boost your confidence up and go to the gym!!! Get that sexy back!!! Get over it!!! It\'s not the end of the world!!! Geesh!!! Lol There are...
How about eat lots of cake and watch chick flix all day .. That always works :s lol
I love the doctor who photo!
Azalea Jewett
Wish this was posted around 2 months ago when I was starving myself out of grief.
Now that I've put on 4kgs in 3 weeks since the break up... I can see exercise would have been a better outlet than food!!
Neecey Beresford
@Maryb, Thank you for putting it so well and so succinctly. I appreciate your response.
My reaction when i saw the tardis😄
Elizabeth Drew
Doctor who!!!!!!!!!!!
This goes to -Allie's- comment. If this sounds unrealistic, then either A. You've never been in love, or B. You're just in denial. Everything listed I believe are positive and realistic ways in coping...
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