7. Create a Little Tension

Make him dinner, or make a picnic lunch and feed him yourself. Tell him to close his eyes, and guess what treat’s coming next. Or, if you think he’s up for it, blindfold him to create a little tension. This is a sure-fire way to get a guy to kiss you! In fact, you’ll likely end up with more than just one little kiss!

Kiss HIM!


I am really upset!!! The guy i like has gone out with one of the slutty girls at my school. I still like him because he's cute, athletic, smart, and nice to me, but now he hangs out with the slutty g...
Anonymous: if your friend likes all the guys, then you should talk to her and tell her that you like this one guy and she should date some other guy. If you talk to her about your feelings you are bei...
obviously if he's your best friend's brother he lives in the house too. But an important thing to do, if you want to see if he likes you is; invite some friends (including him), make sure they are clo...
I have a group of slutty girls at my school who try to get all the guys to date them. Some do go out with them, like the guy i liked, but it doesn't matter. There are so many other guys, now i'm datin...
Great tips! Guys do like to feel challenged a little when they are trying to kiss a girl. Thanks for sharing and hey, welcome to AWS! :)
What I do is if a guy says something to tease you say in a jokingly manner "you hate me!" He'll usually reply with "no I don't." or "no I like you." Then you say "Prove it," and he usually kisses you. Works for me.
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