2. Don't Obsess over Small Things

While this might seem similar to dwelling, obsessing over the small things, such as a small touch, a light conversation or even an invitation to eat lunch together doesn't mean that you had the person and it certainly isn't a cause for obsession. You've really got to make sure that you don't obsess, as that is a surefire barrier that will hold you back from moving on.

You Might Have Remembered It Wrong


Melanie Reich
Yea well I've never actually talked about this online..umm so there's this guy that I've been gushing over for about six years now. It's the typical neighbor hottie that's the football quarterback and...
Really like your advise
Natasha Collins
I feel in love.. Yes I'm in grade 10 yes I'm to "young" but I love him so much and he fell for me to. I could see it. :( but then he took my virginity.. And left me :'( after that he never told me why...
@Seremaddie same for me! Except he gives me mixed signals! He kissed me! Then acted as if I was is little sister!
How can you get over someone when they know you like them and you try to ignore him but he continues to flirt? But also flirts with other girls?
Ya Tan
@amouramor strap on a pair of Balls and GO SPEAK TO HIM" you want so something, go get it for gods sake, you Cannot sit and wait for this guy to drop into your lap because that won't happen, if you're...
Write a comment ...I'm currently going through the same thing for the second time in my life... A co- worker that drives me crazy with distant locked gazes, nervous talk and silence. This went on f...
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