2. Be Flirty

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As an amazingly awkward gal, I know it can be hard to turn up the heat. But even a cutesy wave hello or an 'accidental' nudge in the hallway could turn you into the girl he can’t stop thinking about. If your efforts are fruitful, take it up a notch by planning a study date or asking for his phone number…for homework purposes, of course!

Connect through Common Interests


Lilly Mand
@Kray Handle, This makes me think of the Taylor swift song you belong with me you should go watch it lol
Lilly Mand
I've liked my crush for 3 years, I've liked him ever since I came into that school. I asked him if he liked me and he said in 5th grade he did, after 3 years I told him I liked him but he said he didn...
Baddie Monroe
I have all the Self care and Tips exactly like this
Baddie Monroe
Girls, visit my instagram @therealbaddiemonroe and Pinterest @itspinkgold
Jules Cass
I'm 15 years old too lol! πŸ˜‚
I'm twelve he's 15 soooooooo
Helen Perez
thank you cause i have a crush on someone named luis and my other friend does to we both like the same person and i thank you soon much for this
There's this guy at my school that I have had a crush on since 7th grade (I'm in 8th right now) and we used to talk a lot last year but now we don't talk so much but he's been giving signs that he lik...
@johnsepticeye, what,i can reply myself
I will use these tricks,but o get a girl.
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