2. Be Flirty

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As an amazingly awkward gal, I know it can be hard to turn up the heat.

But even a cutesy wave hello or an 'accidental' nudge in the hallway could turn you into the girl he can’t stop thinking about.

If your efforts are fruitful, take it up a notch by planning a study date or asking for his phone number…for homework purposes, of course!

Connect through Common Interests


HELP. I've been talking to this guy named Tim.. He's a couple years older than me and I really like him.. He goes to my youth group, he plays guitar, he sings, he has an extremely nice body and I feel like he's totally out of my league 😔 I'm usually the one to txt him first but every time he sees me in school there's not a time where he won't shout my name and say hi. Which I always get the hopeless butterflies.. At lunch he'll usually stop and sit on the outside bench and sit where me and my friend do and I've noted that his body is completely turned towards me. But a while back when I asked him if he liked me (over txt) he said he didn't like anyone. And I've complimented him quite a bit but he never compliments me.. I really like this guy.. We haven't talked for a couple days and I haven't txted him but I really need so guidance 💔 please help.
i havent even spoken to my crush before but i really want him... we get eye contact alot but i dont know how to start a conversation... HELP:/
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