2. Be Flirty

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As an amazingly awkward gal, I know it can be hard to turn up the heat.

But even a cutesy wave hello or an 'accidental' nudge in the hallway could turn you into the girl he can’t stop thinking about.

If your efforts are fruitful, take it up a notch by planning a study date or asking for his phone number…for homework purposes, of course!

Connect through Common Interests


@Chloe, its fine just show him the real you, you don't have to hide who you really are
@Jessica, tell him the truth it won't make thing any worse
what do I do There is this boy I cant stop thinking about and i want to talk to him he knows I like him but i thought it would be awkward HELP ) :
Okay,so i Really like this boy i like his name is Luis "Or Jose. He sits next to me in one of my classes and i just fall head over heels for him. I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend. But i'm not sure what to do.Hes funny,sweet,has a great smile and it melts my heart. He plays soccer and sometimes he goes to a park to play soccer down the road from me.I like soccer to but im not that good at it.
@Jessica, Hey Jessica you should just wait until something happens with your crush then you might have a chance to get with him.
I have a lot of boys at my school that like me as their girl friend but i'm only a freshman so i shouldn't have to worry
okay so there is this boy i like and he has a girlfriend......and they have been dating for months after months... and my shes best friends step sister. one day i built up my confidence and asked him for his number we text alot and i started liking him more and more. He told me just last night he likes me back which is exciting but his best friend knows about my relationship i had with a boy who goes to another school and he always teases me whenever i say something like i hate so and so and he says why don't you get 'jake' to beat him up and my crush still thinks i like him?????? what do i do!!!
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