4. Be Kind

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Being a bit sassy is one thing, but if you’ve been arguing with your friends, family, and everyone in between lately, it can be a major turn off to your crush. Work on mending broken relationships so that when your dream guy meets the people in your life, he’ll know what an amazing lady you are!

Use Humor


giri how do i know but what i think is he still likes you he s acting hard to get
Hey ShyGuy! I think that you can absolutely have group dates and spend some dates alone, it just depends on the situation. :)
shyguy (landed on this site by chance)
#12 is a bad advice: "merging your two groups of friends" will most likely end in being just friends. Spending some dates alone is way better.
@Sheila, It's Andrea replying again, update on that situation, as of about 25 minutes ago (according to facebook) he now has a girlfriend, that girlfriend isn't me. Now the challenge for me is to both...
Jennifer Rudakov
The whole "dont stalk" thing.. NOT TRUE. loooool.
Aww! Thanks anon!
@Ellinor, Have you tried to approach him about the fact that you like him? I know you barely talk, but maybe you could move into his circle of friends. :)
@Cola, if he's got kicked out of school, that might not be a good guy to go after -- after all, you want someone that is going to go somewhere right? ;) I'd say if he does turn out to be a good guy, maybe approach him! See what happens!
There's this guy we were in the same class together but he was always this bad boy type so he got kicked out of school he would look at me in class and I'll look at him but not for long I didn't want ...
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