4. Be Kind

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Being a bit sassy is one thing, but if you’ve been arguing with your friends, family, and everyone in between lately, it can be a major turn off to your crush.

Work on mending broken relationships so that when your dream guy meets the people in your life, he’ll know what an amazing lady you are!

Use Humor


So at my friend's birthday party there was this guy. And like two of my guy friends were trying to pair him up with someone and they picked out one girl and he said nah.. An then they pointed to another and he also said no, but then they pointed to me and he agreed! What does that mean? Also the entire night he laughed at all my joks and mimicked everythin I did... If anyone can help, please do!:)
Okay so in short terms, I like my best guy friend. I'm not too sure if he likes me. During school he would walk with me to classes, we'd always talk, and he even took me to homecoming. we have only talked a couple times this summer because he is really busy. The bad thing is, I might be moving to Georgia at the end of the school year. I really want to tell him how I feel before it's too late and I don't want to ruin our friendship if he says no. If we do start a relationship i dont care if i move i'd visit a lot and i trust him. Please help me I plan to tell him next week >.<
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