4. Be Kind

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Being a bit sassy is one thing, but if youโ€™ve been arguing with your friends, family, and everyone in between lately, it can be a major turn off to your crush.

Work on mending broken relationships so that when your dream guy meets the people in your life, heโ€™ll know what an amazing lady you are!

Use Humor


@Brianna, yeahhhh
@Brianna, I'm also 13 and I had a quite diffident situation. I really like this guy and I think he likes me but I'm not sure, every year we have a Christmas ball and I think he was trying to invite me and I was just so mean and I think I really acted bitchy. Well we have one lesson together and he asked me to come over to where he was sitting and I just looked at him like "what the hell is ur problem." And I went away cuz I really freaked cuz he never really talked to me and I just got scared. Now I'm really scared that he won't ask me anymore
Heather Jensen
I'd say that you should just walk up to him and talk to him! :) I know it's hard, but it'll make the difference!
Hey how can i talk to my crush?... Like how can i be more confident? Cuz im rlly insecure..
Heather Jensen
Hey Anon! That does sound a little strange -- I'd approach him about it and talk to him about it -- see if he likes you. :)
@Brianna, I don't think you're in love. It's probably just your first big crush.
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