7. Write Love Letters

Write Love Letters

While talking is certainly an excellent way to reconnect with your significant other, what if you aren't good at expressing yourself verbally? Sometimes, it's easier to say how you really feel through writing (I know it is for me!). Try writing each other love letters and exchange them with one another on a special day, like your anniversary.

Or, you could turn any day special by writing your partner a note to say "I love you." Leave the note on his pillow, in his briefcase or on the bathroom mirror.

The trick to any successful long-term relationship is staying in love with one another. It may seem obvious to say this, but it is true, and it can also be a challenge. Try these tricks for reconnecting with your loved one. Which ones sound most appealing to you?


Denise Cristobal
@Perfect Paradigm Try couple's counseling? Maybe there's something deeper going on.
Denise Cristobal
@Alwafi Hello and welcome to AWS!
Denise Cristobal
@Betty Lodge Sanborn Showing is indeed as important as telling! Showing might even be more important sometimes.
Carolina Garcia
How do You rekindle something when your life seems too busy with the kids and the hubby works all the time and when you go to hug him he prefers his iPad
@laurel sounds like you are in a rut... Perhaps a little remorse of taking a leap and now he is the center of your life and that life seems to suck. Anywhere in walking distance (even through the hea...
@Raygan what's wrong
My guy moved really fast but we fell deeply in love; things were great until we moved from LA to AZ. Just couldn't afford the lifestyle anymore. We hermit now because it's soooo hot out! This apart...
Lol I totally agree with "Miro" if u don't take the time to work on ur relationship the grass will alway look greener on the other side ...great tips😋
Makes me wanna cry how much relationships become more work than fun overtime! Lol but we can't live without love, right? And if we want something of substance it's gona have to get serious sometime......
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