5. Love Letters

Since everyone uses text messages, e-mails and instant messaging to communicate, surprise your man with a love letter.

Pick up some cute stationary and write him a love letter.

Tell him the reasons why you love him and how much he means to you.

Or another cute idea that will melt his heart is to send him a love letter but put it in a glass bottle.

Keep Him Warm


this is really nice :) and helps me a lot on how i can make him happy though we are LDR
im in a very LDR and I already have him one gift but I want to give him another for Christmas I just don't know what to get on the 24th it will be our 5 month anniversary I want my Christmas present to be unique and meaningful im just sooo picky >.< I don't know what to do.V.V
Tomorrow's our 6th anniversary with my boyfriend, and we're in a LDR. These suggestions are great, and I've done a few you. But all I can say, is to love you boyfriend every day, and always trust each other. If you want any advice, don't be afraid to ask me. :)
pls help. what gift i can give to may bf for his b-day and were ldr :)
Am I too young to be in a LDR..? I mean it's only been a few months but it's my longest relationship yet I do nearly everything on tht list and I love him to pieces idk wht I'd do if I never met him but it would b a sadder place without him . We r young and only a few of my friends know about him even tho everyone he knows, knows about me idk how to tell my parents cos they might over react. Even being this young I wanna spend the rest of my life with him, we've got plans to meet each other half way but I still need to save up a little more ... Anyway awesome article I hope everyone has a amazing relationship and tht if it's truly meant to b tht neither of u give up ..! ☺💙
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