6. He Hides Things from You

When you're in a relationship, you should be completely open and honest, no matter what. You shouldn't ever have to hide something from your partner. If you are finding that your boyfriend is hiding things from you. Small things, big things, any things – it could be a sign that it has something to do with her.

He Makes Constant Plans with Her


Annie Beliber
Heather Jensen
Hi Eve! It sounds like he wants you back, but he is nervous. How serious were both of you?
I recently have broken up with my boyfriend.His reason was I was too serious on him(he said it twice!!) and he was frightened.However,after few days,he sms me and asked how was me.He told me that it w...
Heather Jensen
That is a great tip! Thanks for that Deborah! :)
Deborah Jessop
Tip, eventhough you do not want any contact with ex. The ex might not be over you. It is helpfull to keep phonenumber on phone so you immediately see who is calling and do not pick up.
Heather Jensen
That's exactly right! I know I deleted my exes number right away.
Ese Harrison Ataide
U wudn't want to kip ur exes number on ur fone cos u r stilll hung up ova him & as such dnt want to be tempted to calling him
Heather Jensen
Hi Sydney! That's definitely something that is rare. A lot of girls can't be friends with their exes, but it is fantastic that you can! :)
Sydney P
@Heather Jensen, I don't agree with that My old bf and I broke up a year ago and now I have a new boyfriend and I'm definitely over him yet we are still friends And I would never cheat in my current boyfriend
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