9. Polygamous Marriage

Sometimes it's hard to find just one person. Polygamous marriages aren't nearly as taboo as they used to be. Usually women in these marriages start out traditionally. The couple then decides to marry another man or woman or both.

It's kind of a play on open marriage, except with a commitment.

As you can see, marriage isn't quite as black and white as we've been led to believe. If tradition is right for you, do what makes you and your partner happy. You have plenty of options to choose from. Have you ever embraced any non-traditional marriage alternatives?


Consciously Aware Melissa
@Mariana, You ladies are over doing it. Trust me, the men are happier this way.
Consciously Aware Melissa
@dani13, how is this disgusting???? It's life.
Consciously Aware Melissa
@Amelia, it's not disturbing...ebola is disturbing... you'll be ok. Commitment doesn't just belong to the married folks.
Consciously Aware Melissa
@Karen Wiseman, why are you making this about you????
Consciously Aware Melissa
First ppl need to keep religion and God out of it. Marriage or what we know as the institution did NOT always exists as woman with dress walking down the isle... Marriage was really a business arrange...
Phyllis Hofer
That's disgusting. What happened to marrying your best friend and actually want to make love to?? That's so disturbing. The sad part is there's a ton of marriages out there like that!
I say as long as they love, respect and trust one another and all are on the same page than who am I or anyone to judge others on what they see as marriage.... Plus I'm an out & proud lesbian myself a...
this is disgusting
This is disturbing!! Maybe all if these things work but certainly don't deserve the title "marriage."
God help this world I dislike this article
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