4. I Almost Didn't Recognize You!

If you're flirting with someone you used to know, you might be amazed at how different he or she looks. That's fine! If, however, the person in question used to be overweight, have problems with acne, or other so-called β€œdeficiencies,” phrasing your compliment this way is kind of insulting. It's like saying, β€œWow, you don't look like a trainwreck now!” Instead, tell the person how great he or she looks and leave it at that.

How Are You Not in a Relationship?


I've never been told # 8 but then if I did I'd give him the finger then walk away .
#8 is the truth!!😁
Sydni Smith
I've heard 9 a lot. It is true, but I agree it is extremely rude.
Some of this I do not agree with.
Hasan Bayram
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