8. An Office

An Office

The next time you're feeling a little frisky, why not surprise your lover at their workplace? Doing it in an office might sound like something straight out of the movies, but it's hot! If you don't have a private office, find another room that's private for you and your loved one.



theatre , cemetery , on beach , he'll everywhere . the suggestions in this article are not only typically ordinary but from the lack of insight u can tell the writer has a very boring unkinky sex life . airplane , etc omg while skydiving
Why would you have sex and a child theme park? That's just wrong... And they have cameras everywhere, just not on the rides
Movie house lol..
Under waterfall, Train, dance floor, grassy meadow filled with flowers, on a swing in the park much fun
Yasuko Debbie Kindaichi
I heard the far back seat of 2nd floor of air plane is good place. Not so many times attendants come to check. But its open space.
@Lauren road h**d??
In public. A park/the woods/in a tent/inside an igloo/in a fitting room/in the subway/on a rooftop/on the stairs/on an upper balcony
Isabella Coles
Haha in the backyard: tick In the bathroom: tick In the car (the car was pulled over, of course!): tick I like this article!!
Alletta Ferreira
The physio room at the gym. With the physio, mind you!
Terrible ideas. Going to jail or being injured isnt worth it. Also - Disney has cameras everywhete.
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