4. Low Self-esteem

Low Self-esteem

Confidence is sexy. If you have super low self-esteem, then he's going to wonder why you don't see how amazing you are.

Being Bossy


There's also a huge double standard here saying that we shouldn't do things to make him jealous and he's allowed to be jealous but we aren't supposed to be jealous.
Thank you @Jade Donovan and @Hope Eno; I agree!
No.9 I dont think so he could b such a good person a bad spelling doesnt have to do anything with ones personality.
We're all human we can't be perfect 100% of the time
Aria Montgomery
The photo is of Cole Sprouse lol
Jade Donovan
I hate articles on what turns men off...so what? You are who are...if you need to change yourself for a man, he's not the one.
Hope Eno
If only I actually cared about what a man thinks about me...
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