5. Stick a Message on the Fridge

If he knows that youโ€™re a major foodie and love whipping up tasty treats, tell him that your refrigerator suddenly stopped working. Before he arrives to take a look at your โ€œbrokenโ€ fridge, place word magnets at the top of the door.

Obviously, the words should form a question along the lines of โ€œwant to go on a date?โ€ but you can personalize the message as much as you want. A word of advice: make sure you have enough magnets and that the message isnโ€™t too long! You wonโ€™t want to confuse him or overdo it. Youโ€™ll have all the kitchen help you need in no time!

Play Monopoly


Hey Anon! If your crush has a girlfriend, it might be time to give him some space and to really allow him to explore that. I know it hurts, but you might have to let this one go.
@Gunjeeee, Great idea! Let us know how it works out for you. :)
Aww Gunjeeee, Good luck sweetheart! Thanks for stopping by :)
Really nice and creative ways! Gonna try the "Map it Out" or singing one when I have a crush on someone :') hehe
thank you so much :')
Dear anonomyse , Honestly, I think it just needs some time. He still needs to move on from his last girlfriend and you might even get over him. After he realizes how much he misses you, then try telling him how you feel. Good luck!! :)
please some one help me out :โ€™( i am in a big mess.. i was trying some of the ways that you discussed earlier to attract my crush (who is a really good friend of mine and has a girlfreind who recent...
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