2. Fun Frustration Release

Leave a note and a water gun (or Nerf gun if it's not warm outside) that says you're sorry and as a way to forgive you, they're allowed to hunt you down outside and squirt you.

This way, they can get out their frustrations in a fun activity that both of you can enjoy. Once he gets enough hits on you though, grab your own toy gun and continue the battle! By the end of it, you both will be laughing so much that they'll have forgotten why they were mad at you in the first place!

Use Funny Poetry


@Janet L Davis it can be used for adults. you don't always have to be serious and mature in a relationship. hence the term 'cute'.
Those are cute ideas!
Heather Jensen
Hi Janet! I think this is for teens. :)
Janet L Davis
Wow. . . . . . . I'm pretty sure grown women need not use these tactics.....now teenagers????
Celes Herrera Moreno
@SHENG i love it
Chelsea Rose
@SHENG bab
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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