5. Ice Skating/Roller Skating

I've given you two inexpensive date night ideas here. Both similar, but one will take you on a perfect summer date and the other a cozy winter date. Nothing says 'I love you' like a man catching you as you fall. Split on some skates and tap into your childhood, if a man can be silly with you, he is a keeper.

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Heather Jensen
Hi Alexa! Sometimes that happens, I'd see if you can be friends with him first! :)
@Alexa, no worries - if he is texting you are good. Awkwardness just because it's 8 grade;) So this is good sign ;)
Romy Svoboda
these are great ideas! ;D
Alexa Duran
PLS HELP IM IN 8 grade and I like this boy. Not sure if he likes me back. We used to talk so much last year. Now we text and them its awkward at school the next day.
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