5. He Acts Differently when People Are around and It Doesn't Feel Good

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When it's just the two of you, everything is perfect. He is loving, caring and makes you laugh all the time. He gives you hugs, kisses and he says he'll never let you go. When there are people around, strangers or friends, it changes. He is no longer hugging you or kissing you. He barely acknowledges you. You feel alone and confused. When you ask him about it, he says that he just doesn't like public displays of affection.

This red flag does not apply to everyone, but it is important to know if it affects you negatively or not. If you are okay with less PDA, then you will be okay. However, for those who feel confused and unloved because of it, you must decide whether or not the relationship is worth it. Many people feel like they are being abandoned or used, and that is not what you should feel in a relationship. In worse case scenarios, there are people who develop anxiety or a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Now that you know these red flags, stay safe and find your perfect one!

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