7. Things Change when You're All Alone

When your friends enter the picture, does everything change? If there's a certain feeling in the air when you're alone together, but it disappears when you're in a group setting, then you're probably sexually attracted to one another.

You just don't think about it until you're all alone.

Sexual tension isn't all that hard to spot. It's something that you can usually just feel without having to examine the situation too closely. However, some men are harder to read than others. Do you feel any sexual tension when you're alone with your crush, or are you too confused to tell?


HE'S MARRIED! Stop now!
Someone help! There's this guy that I'm in love with and he shows all these signs. Yet.. He is married. But I want him and I think he wants me too. But hasn't made a move yet. Anybody in this sort of situation?
Gauri Talwar
A bit confused to tell exactly! He hasn't touched me yet, we haven't been that open and informal either to share dirty jokes ..
That is how i feel about this guys benardo
Lex Luther
Yessssss!!!! Great little moments
I finally figured it out so I let him take off my bra no tension
Lyn Brown
Oh yes that's what I'm talking about
McKaela Warren
All the time!!!
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