4. South Korea

It is as if a woman is being lured into a marriage in South Korea. Similar to Japan, dating doesn’t happen until your college years in South Korea, but once people actually do start dating, it’s like the woman has a servant by her side.

It’s very common for a South Korean guy to hold his girlfriend’s handbag (just imagine your guy walking around with your designer bag…) and he does everything to make his girl happy. But once married, the roles switch and the man expects his wife to be a more traditional woman, who cooks, cleans and takes care of the children. What a trap…



@Geli As native Persian but resided in Denmark I agree wholeheartedly with you Geli ! Mashallah mersi 😊
Aki Yoshida
Josefin, thank you for your comment. If you hadn't I would have commented exactly what you said. I am Japanese and I am usually not offended by stereotypes but very disappointed that AllWomenStalk has this article up... 😢
I live in South korea and hav lived here for more than twenty yrs. I have to admit that some woman does ask her boyfriend to carry their purse, but its not that common if a girl respects her boyfriend...
This is a very interesting article, but I know for a fact most Dutch don't do any of the things listed!
I live in Japan and I just feel I need to say that the information about Japanese dating customs are not correct, they're just as the other people said, old stereotypes. There IS dating, maybe not as ...
There is one thing for sure, that iranian will hold hand and kiss and even make love before marriage, the tradition you mentioned is for 100 years ago , its good to keep your information update, thanks
Im half japanese and living in Japan . Those are pretty old "traditions" . They date who they want when they want .. I agree with unicornface !
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