10. He Gives You Ultimatums

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If he tells you that you need to ignore all of your male friends or he'll leave you, then you should be the one leaving him. He should be compromising with you, not giving you ultimatums.

He Catcalls Women


Dear Holly , thank you for your articles.Can you share your advises of young women getting marry with older men by 20 years !!
Kira Hanna Keppel
Every tip is great except for the first one! If you, as a woman, want to have sex without labels associated with relationships, you have every right to do so! Have safe sex with whomever you want to!
I really needed this article right now:) very helpful๐Ÿ˜€
Thank you for this article!
So so true thanks for this reminder โ™ฅ
Allyson Wells
Omg this article is so right to the point.
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