6. Work at It

The best relationships are between people who are willing to stick it out and work at it. It can't be all romance and flowers, and we need the tougher times so that we can appreciate the better times. Be a good girlfriend by putting the effort into the relationship.

Give Him Space


This stuff should equally apply to a how a boyfriend should make same effort. It makes it sound like females are always working their hardest to make sure her man is A okay at all times and nothing is...
She Loves Love
Claire...you should tell before the behavior becomes permanent.
Having a 'finance' who, when he does go out, stays out until 5-6am. I can't deal with a relationship like this. It's driving me nuts. He thinks he isn't doing any harm but he couldn't give a shit how it's effecting me.
LaDonna A Love
Love this article I needed that advice since I am in a new relationship thanks for this wonderful article! :-)
She Loves Love
Shit...reading this & realizing that I fucked up
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