4. Leave Yourself Love Notes

It's sweet for a boyfriend to leave his partner notes around the house, but you can create your very own notes. Write yourself a letter to read whenever you're upset. Jot down compliments and stick them to your mirror. Put an inspirational background on your phone. Do whatever works.

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Emmaline The Drama Queen
I'm so doing this :)
i don't know why but I just love dating myself. it's always so simple, peaceful and interesting
Love this
I'm defiantly, doing this.... Love it ☺️
Drama Queen forever
I just realised I was so clever .. Why am I so stupid now?
Drama Queen forever
@zara can't lie my mom says I fell deeply in love with myself when I refused to sleep alone as a baby (I felt lonely and I had to take care of myself) then she was sure I loved myself when I used to u...
So inspirational
Hmm okay :)
So have I Zara, who needs guys
I have been dating myself since i was born.. Hahaha
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