3. Try to Set Him up with a Friend

Try to Set Him up with a Friend

If you don't want to date him, but do want him to be happy, you can try setting him up with one of your friends. If he ends up crushing on her, then he'll forget all about his crush on you. Besides, haven't you always wanted to try playing matchmaker? It could be fun!

Only Hang out with Him in Groups


I like this article ahaha
Staightforward is the only way to be...think how awful u would feel if a guy was trying to brush you off...and you should feel flattered not pestered l
Ash Lee
Nothing is worse when you have a pestering guy that likes you and you don't like him back
I don't know about guys, but I I would be insulted that someone thought so little of me to use subtly and underhanded schemes instead of talking to me about it face to face.
This pretty useful
Excellent!! Thanks for sharing ...
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