4. Stop Seeking Attention

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If you're the type of person who constantly seeks attention, your behavior might turn off guys. Coming on too strong and having to be the center of attention can make you appear unconfident or needy. You don't have to be the loudest person in the group to get noticed.

Make Subtle Eye Contact


Carly Lynn
With the eye contact thing- gotta say the majority of men don't notice that- gotta do it more than once
Damsel in distress also comes across as being desperate
The Queen of Bitches
By advantage I mean he might play with u if he is a bad guy or even a good guy .. Good guys turn bad believe me it happens all the time :p
The Queen of Bitches
@alka if u act deprecate he will probably take advantage of ur desperation. I am not kidding happens all the time. (I just say that every time I need to prove something)
Summer holidays won't see him
Act desperate...works for all the girls I know!...... That was a joke but actually true in real life!
The Queen
Be friendly and active,
Smell good
10. Smile and laugh
Kierria M
Right, Keyanna!!
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